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Gift Certificates & Massage Packages

Additional Information

For  your convenience gift certificates can be purchased online through Square. Simply click on the image above (or the button on the right) to make your purchase and your gift  certificate will be emailed instantly.

Additionally, you can use this link to  purchase massage packages by the minutes! This provides more flexibility when using your package selecting massage times that fit your busy life  style! Packages are available in 30, 45, 75, 60, or 90-minute  sessions. Packages can also be shared with designated family members and friends!

Please note: Packages do not include massage extras or Thai Compress Massage, but they can be added onto your session for an additional cost.

Available packages include:

180 Minutes- $210.00- 5% Savings
300 Minutes- $330.00-10% Savings
600 Minutes- $600.00 20% savings
900 Minutes- $860.00 25% savings

Square Gift Card Site

Click the link below to make a Gift Certificate or Massage Package purchase.