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Browse our site to learn more about Suburban Soul Massage's customized approach for treating our clients. We want you to be well informed and ready to ask questions about your personal massage therapy. Because we are interested in learning more about you and your current needs, we do not have the option to schedule your appointment online. We would rather you call or use our contact form to request a followup so we can discuss the reason you are seeking a massage today. Let us answer your questions and relieve you of your concerns before you visit the studio!

Client Testimonials

Monica M. / July 9, 2018

 Fran is a thoughtful, talented, and compassionate massage therapist.  She really gets to know her clients needs, tailors her approach to fit client expectations, and delivers a massage that is simply divine.   I needed to relax and take care of myself, and I was so glad Fran was available to put me back in touch with myself.  I recommend her 100%. 

Elena / January 20, 2019

 I  was experiencing pain in my right hip and lower back and decided to see  if cupping would alleviate my discomfort. Fran has cupped me at least  three times, and the sessions helped alleviate the pain I was  experiencing. She stayed with me during the session and made sure I  wasn’t in any discomfort. This was not the first time I had been cupped,  but it was helpful that Fran stayed with me the entire time and  adjusted the level of suction on the cups if I needed her to do that.  The only other person I went to for cupping left me alone for several  minutes, which was somewhat disconcerting, especially since I had never  been cupped before. I would definitely recommend cupping to anyone who is experiencing muscle pain.

Tina A. / April 2, 2019

 When I first started seeing Fran I was suffering from Frozen Shoulder.  I had very little mobility in my left shoulder, despite physical therapy. It was only when I added the  massage  component did I finally see significant improvement. The thing I love  about Fran is that she was willing to research and learn about frozen  shoulder then apply that to our sessions. The result  is that today I have regained almost full mobility in my left  shoulder! Fran was and is my partner in  helping me feel physically  strong and confident. Massage with Fran is truly the best investment I have made in my over all well being!  

Tom P. / January 27, 2019

Fran recommended that I try cupping when I was training for my first half marathon. My muscles were sore from running and cross training.  Cupping really helped loosen my tight hips, glutes, and leg muscle and helped me recover faster in between my training sessions.  

Susan K. / February 11, 2019

 Every time I see Fran, she tells me about her latest course in helping people through massage.  This shows her dedication to her clients and to improving and perfecting her craft.  I'm looking forward to adding a cupping session to my next massage! 

Michele B. / March 30, 2019

 Fran  is a caring individual with an exceptional massage therapy  skill set.  She is a very genuine individual who provides quality therapeutic  care to a standard of excellence! I would highly recommend  her! 

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